About ABB

In 2012, Thomas & Betts was acquired by ABB.  ABB’s core activities include:

  • Power transmission and distribution
  • Process and production automation
  • Building systems, electrical, electronic and installation products and systems.

ABB is a global player in the field of energy and automation technology that ensures that utility companies and industrial clients can improve their performance whilst at the same time limiting their impact on the environment. The ABB Group operates in around 100 countries and employs approximately 150,000 staff.


Always close to the client

The client is at the centre of the ABB structure, so that our customers have fast and easy access to the full range of products, services and total solutions that ABB offers.

Because of our market-focused approach we are able to respond one-on-one to the individual wishes and needs of our clients. In addition, ABB Benelux forms the connecting link between the wishes and needs of local clients and the multitude of possibilities offered by the global ABB concern. The ABB Benelux organisation provides the critical mass that is required to keep pace with rapid technological developments. With more than 10 branches, ABB has a strong presence in the Benelux. ABB Benelux is an open organisation, where your specific problems can be resolved by local specialists.

Creativity and Innovation

By investing 3% of our turnover annually on research and development, ABB has positioned itself as a leader in the development and improvement of products and systems.

ABB is a global technology group that very consciously limits its number of core activities. Knowledge about advanced technologies – including IT – and service forms the foundations on which these activities are based. By deliberately concentrating on those core activities and by only undertaking research & development in respect of these, ABB has developed into a pre-eminent specialist in the fields of industrial automation, power transmission and distribution as well as electrical, electronic and installation products and systems. ABB also distinguishes itself through creativity and innovation. By investing 3% of turnover annually in research and development, the concern has positioned itself as a leader in the development and improvement of products and systems and in solving energy and efficiency issues. One special area of focus in this is the environment. By making environmental technology a spearhead of international policy, ABB makes a significant contribution towards a clean environment by successfully implementing new and cost-saving techniques.

Strategic partner

ABB is a global engineering and technology company.

ABB employs around 150,000 people in almost 100 countries. Those ABB staff act as your strategic partners. They get to know your processes in depth, they think in the short and long term about improving those processes and they offer clever products, systems and logistic solutions. These products and systems allow you to make your process more efficient, to control your costs and to achieve an even better end product. In brief, you current and long-term productivity is what concerns us. With this approach, ABB not only serves all sectors of industry. It also serves project developers, installers, the wholesale sector, building managers as well as power producers and distributors. ABB’s client-focused organisation structure allows our clients to gain easy access to the entire range of our products and services. Understanding and having a ‘feel’ for your daily operations is therefore coupled with speed and flexibility of response.


If you would like to discover more about ABB in the Benelux please visit www.abb.nl, where you will find more information and contact details for our branches in the Benelux.